The Massucco family cultivates their own vineyards, over 50 acres, of which 60% is devoted to the production of red wines and the remaining 40% is reserved for white wines. The company cultivates its land using natural products and with full respect for the environment. Furthermore, to guarantee the absolute quality of its wines it scrupulously follows all the phases of production.

The Massucco family takes care of all aspects of the vineyards. From the preparation of the soil to the sowing of the cuttings. The company uses the Guyot rearing system. After the fructification of September-October crop, the fall of leaves is expected and mid-winter the pruning of the vines is carried out strictly by hand. Then, in June, another pruning is done.

Even the harvest is done by hand, selecting the best bunches in the field. The white grapes are harvested with a good acidity, while the red grapes are picked ripe, with good values of sugar and color. The grapes are then de-stemmed and pressed, and the must is fermented. Then the wine is aged in the barrels.

The young white wines (Arneis and Favorita) and red wines (Dolcetto and Rosé) are kept in steel barrels, while the red wines for aging (Nebbiolo and Barbera) are kept in small oak barrels of 225 lt. or in large 3,000 liter oak barrels. After the aging phase, the wine is bottled. The Massucco Italian winery uses latest generation filters with special membranes. Finally, the cork is applied to the bottles. Thus, the best wines of Roero are ready to arrive on tables all over the world.


The passion and commitment that the Massucco family puts in the cultivation of its vineyards and in the production of its wines, over the years has been rewarded with several international awards. Moreover, they have entered the most authoritative guides dedicated to wine. All this has helped to increase the fame of the wines of the Massucco winery, which in addition to being appreciated in Italy, have admirers in France, Germany and Austria. Massucco wines have also conquered America, Canada and Russia.


From vine to wine perfectly sums up the philosophy of the Massucco family,
that every day they take care of their vines to create quality wines.