Visit to the Cellar
After listening to the history and tradition of the Massucco Family and the Roero Territory, the visit begins in the Cellar, where visitors can discover all the stages of processing the grapes after harvesting, until they are stored in the tanks, from fermentation to processing.

Visit to the ‘Barriccaia’
Nearly 10 meters underground, the Massucco bariccaia is dug into the ‘tufo’or tuff of the Roero area and contains large Barriques and Barrels. Here the program may include a light buffet with celler wine tasting to make the visit even more pleasurable. Here all the vinification procedures and aging methods will be explained.

Visit to the Bottling Line
The visit to the winery will continue in the bottling line, where the wine after the various stages of processing and fermentation is bottled before being placed on the market.

Visit in the Show Room
Once the visit to the Cellar is over, we will meet again in the Show Room for the Wine Tasting, which will further articulate and re-enforce at a sensorial level—in the glass–what we have seen and learned in the previous phases. From here you can enjoy a view of the most typical landscape of the Roero and it will be possible, depending on the course chosen, to have a buffet lunch as well as buy Massucco wines at the cellar price and also the typical Piedmont Massucco products.

  • Introduction to the history, values and cardinal principles in which the company believes.
  • Visit to the vinification and refining premises with explanation of the production process.
  • Visit of the bariccaia with a food and wine tasting tour.
  • Possibility to buy wines and typical Piedmont Massucco products in the show room.


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