• 3 hours of in depth personal contact with the main author of our wines to create a fuller experience. Hence, a real critical and constructive “dialogue”of mutual growth in the modern style of “Work shops”.
  • The seminar is theoretically divided into three phases:
  • The Work in the Vineyard where the concepts of “Agriculture Reasoned” will be explained, stressing a low impact on the environment and the protection of human health. It is here that the foundations are laid for making “good” wine in the contemporary interpretation of its meaning (good, but also correct) but also consistent with the guiding principles of Massucco.
  • The Wine Workshop in the Cellar emphasizes the teamwork represented by our crew. It is here that questions are often asked about the “secrets” of our art.
  • The Wine Tasting will be more dedicated and deepened at a sensory level.
  • The Tasting of 4 Massucco wines takes place in the Show Room with a standing buffet.
  • Possibility to buy Massucco wines and typical Piemontese products in the Show Room.


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