Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Massucco family has cultivated the vineyards that surround its winery. The grapes from these vineyards give life to some of the most important Piemontese wines. Since its origins the company’s activity is based on the quality of the wine. The grapes are grown by the Massucco family on their 50 acres and without the use of GMO products with the www.thegreenexperience.it certification for a rethought and sustainable “green” agriculture.

The wines produced in the historical cellars are among the most authentic examples of the culture of the Roero regions and have been chosen as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Over the years, Massucco has been able to introduce to the market its own unique wine tradition, paying attention to the tastes of the consumers, but always respecting the characteristics that the donominations DOC and DOCG require.

The company produces and markets red and white wines under the Massucco  brand. Other brands offered by the winery also include various high-quality sparkling wines and a special line of vintage red wines that derive from selected grapes through a process that involves choosing the best bunches in the vineyards followed by meticulous work in the cellars.

In their continuous pursuit of excellence, the Mussucco family has experimented with new processing methods and technological solutions, while integrating traditional wine making expertise. The results are wines that are distinguished by harmonious aromas and flavors, which reflect the best Piemontese wine tradition. Massucco wines have be selected among the Italian wines with best quality to price ratio.

The Massucco company is an example of how a contemporary product can be made that boasts centuries of history, enhancing it and bringing it to the attention of an ever expanding public.


The Massucco family has always been engaged in the study, experimentation and product innovation in wine industry in the production of new wines for the market.

The company has invented a method of wine production that includes a first early harvest, which is vinified in steel. Then, a second harvest, again in the same vineyard, 30 to 40 days later and vinified in new barrels.

The two harvests have different characteristics. The first is sour with aromas and flavors of green fruits. The second is very sweet, with aromas and flavors of cooked exotic fruit. Together they create a unique taste.

The company is also looking for new blends, with Roero wines of the highest quality and wines from different regions in Italy, to create something completely original.

For example from Corvina, a variety more colored and spicy.  And from the more tannic Nebbiolo we have created a great meditative wine has been created.  A wine for those who want to experience a harmonious emotion and joy that warms the heart.